Monday, December 12, 2011

America's Game: Army vs. Navy

This past Saturday, December 10, Andy and I went to the Army Navy game! This game is always the last regular season college football game and is filled with numerous traditions. The game is normally played in Philadelphia, but this year it was in Washington D.C.. Although we always thought it would be cool to attend this game, the real reason we went was Ben and Jenny! Ben is Andy's cousin and is a senior Cadet at West Point. So when we found out that we were going to be stationed in D.C. Jenny said they were coming down and asked if we wanted to go. We absolutely love hanging out with Ben and Jenny and knew that we would have a blast!
 Of course we had to cheer for Navy!

The game was played at FedEx field in MD. It is where the Redskins play.
 This is Ben marching on the field before the game. All Cadets and Midshipmen that attend the academies must be in attendance at this game. They both march on the field. This was West Point marching on the field, specifically Ben's group.
 This is all of the Cadets at West Point.
Jenny, me, and Andy waiting for Ben to march on the field.
The Midshipmen of Annapolis Naval Academy.

Yay! Ben caught up with us! In the background is all of the Midshipmen. Ben's uniform is something that they pretty much only wear for this game! And you do not want to know how much that cape costs! :)
 Jenny and I!
 Andy and I cheering on Navy!
Love them!
 The President doing the coin toss!

Half time show was Lee Greenwood singing "God Bless the USA". Its always so cool to be places that do an awesome job showing support to our troops and honoring them! I love being at events that honor all of those who have served and currently serve. 
Throughout the game both sides play commercials that they have made that support their team. Some are funny and some are silly. Here is one I love because its from the Seabees! And I love my Seabees (or Seabee)!
Love this picture! Love this girl! Being a military wife holds many challenges. It has been something that I have had to adjust to the past 6 months. I would not trade it at all, but it is a unique position. It makes me so grateful for other military wives (fiances:)). I have met so many wonderful women so far! One of my favorites being this lady! Not only are we weirdly alike in so many ways, we also get each other because we both love men who serve! The encouragement and support she offers me is amazing. I am so grateful for her and that we get to experience this crazy military life together, as wives, friends, and cousins. 

So that was another awesome experience that Andy and I got to do while here in D.C.. We are loving all of the new things we get to do and experience everyday. God continues to bless us and watch over us here. Right now life is an adventure for us and I am so grateful that I get to experience it all with my handsome husband!

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  1. Tears streaming down my face as I look at the photos and read your words, Amanda! I love you! Your Aunt San