Saturday, November 19, 2011


So... I finally did it! Andy and I are experiencing so many new and exciting things on this amazing journey and want to share it! We have so many people asking how we are doing and what it is like, so I figured this would be an easy and great way for our friends and family to follow our journey! 

God is blessing us so much here in DC! We were able to find a furnished apartment in Alexandria, VA (it is about 10 minutes outside of DC). It is not much but right at our budget and has a short term lease so we can leave in January when we head to California. We are in love with Virginia. They are in the middle of fall and we are amazed at God's beauty! We have started looking around this area for when we come back here in May. I have even looked into getting my teaching certifications in Virginia and some school districts. Andy has started work and has been to a couple different bases. He started of at Navy Yard where he got to work with the big guys of the Navy and Marine Corp. He has currently been reassigned to a new base being built in Arlington. He is finally getting into what his job will be like and is enjoying it! I was able to get a holiday help job at the Gap and love it! As you know I love Gap and the 50% employee discount is a dream come true! It gives me something to do here and a chance to earn some extra money. So far I have really enjoyed it! When we both have time off we are exploring some! There is so much to do here! We are glad we will be here for a couple years so we get to experience it all! I will post pictures and some of our adventures on here soon!

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  1. Well done on the blog, Amanda! I am excited to follow it/ye on your many adventures! I may have a lead on a school district!